Thank You Madame Secretary

Dear Secretary Clinton, 

I am sorry. I’m sorry we weren’t enough to stand up for you and what you’ve shown us we can do. I’m sorry we failed you. I’m even sorrier we’ve failed ourselves. However, this morning I am also hopeful for the embers I see burning in these women that you’ve empowered with your career and campaign. It’s 2:30pm and I still haven’t slept. What began as despondency last night has begun to burn in my belly like a rage. 

I will no longer keep quiet about my opinion to keep the peace. I will no longer placate people who act like the 50s were the Golden Age of American living and try to take us back there. It was also a time of obscene oppression against women, African Americans, and LGBTQ communities. We cannot allow this setback to send us backward or give us pause to falter in our convictions. We have to get up and continue the fight as I think women are uniquely capable of doing. Probably because we’ve been doing it for so long. 

I also hope with my deepest convictions that women everywhere remember their empathy as we fight for our rights and remember that ALL of us who feel left behind by this election are STRONGER TOGETHER and this was never just about women’s rights. Your legacy was to be one of a President for all people. I want to to encourage everyone to lend their voice freely when they see something they know is wrong. Nothing is going to get better by waiting for the politicians. We have to stand up and care for each other. 

We have already begun to galvanize. Even in our “secret, private Facebook” group women are reaching out, supporting each other, and asking what can be done. We are connecting with each other. Promising to continue our support of each other in the coming years. We know this is not the time to lie down and it would be a disgrace to the memory of your hard fought campaign. We are here and ready to put in the hours.

Today I vow that I won’t spend the next four years waiting. I will find causes, I will find candidates, I will find action waiting to be taken, and I will find those without a voice and help them to be heard. I will do this all, because your campaign and the women that have come together have inspired me, Madame Secretary.

Thank you, Hillary Rodham Clinton. It has been my honor. I will always and forever be #withher.

Yours in gratitude,

Lesley Smith

Proud Member of Pansuit Nation


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